Don’t be late to the party. Embrace the modern expectations of the now generation of clients.

Most top producing luxury realtors in San Francisco know the name, Alf Nucifora. Alf is the Chairman and Founder of, a curated and membership-only organization that facilitates marketing alliances, introductions, collaborations, and jointly-sponsored marketing programs with Bay Area real estate (or aligned) professionals.

You probably know LuxeSF for their annual work with San Francisco Magazine and Real Trends. Together the three outfits produce The Leading 100, an annual output which recognizes the top producers in Bay Area real estate.

The LuxeSF organization is chock-full of movers and shakers. In 2018, LuxeSF hosted or participated in 37 events, including major industry Boot Camps, intimate industry Roundtable luncheons, and regular monthly events for its 8000+ members. The organization also hosts an Annual Boot Camp that the majority of Bay Area realtors attend to learn, participate, and converse with local rising and shining stars.

Another notable output from the organization is the “5 in 3 Realtor Survey”, where was recently ranked as the #1 most effective tech that a realtor can adopt.

From facilitating winery sponsorships at $30+ million open houses to conceiving and coordinating public panels, private industry think tanks, and major conventions and events - Alf Nucifora is at the center of it all. Alf is the host. Alf is in attendance. Soft-spoken, but astute, and dead in the thick of the United States most competitive luxury market, Alf is without question an individual with a stronger grasp than most on the pulse of our industry.

A key focus of LuxeSF is to surface the common practices, sure strategies, and useful technologies that the top producers are using to get deals done. The organization harnesses and spreads the word to its members to help them be the best at their job, selling homes.

A common thread among the conversations, surveys, and panels that LuxeSF hosts is that of the technology-originating woes and frustrations felt by a generation of realtors riding out the final wave of in-person interactions that end with actual ink on a dotted line. The woes, however, are not that of technical literacy, but of technical trust.

“they are leaving money on the table, creating more work, and leaving their team open to inefficiency and ineffectiveness.”

With wire-fraud and security breaches on the rampage, realtors have important and impactful decisions to make about tech that they allow into their workflow. Their reputation is on the line. Their deals are on the line. Their client’s life is on the line.

Oh yeah, also, there are 2.6 gazillion options to choose from.

To Alf, it’s simple: “If realtors haven’t yet absorbed or instituted workable tech in their operations, they are leaving money on the table, creating more work, and leaving their team open to inefficiency and ineffectiveness.”

LuxeSF’s most recent member-wide survey surfaced what top producing luxury realtors consider to be...

The Most useful technology to adopt, in order of rank (8000 survey recipients):

Disclosures.IO: 19%

Compass marketing tools: 7%

DocuSign : 6%

Glide: 5%

Skyslope: 5%

Contactually: 4%

My Theo: 4%

BombBomb/ Video email app: 3%

Homesnap Pro: 3%

Instagram/Later: 3%

RealScout: 3%

Google Docs: 2%

iCloud/Cloud data storage: 2%

Zipforms: 2%

The most required and useful tools to close strong deals fast:

CRM Systems

Social Media

Online Ads

Facebook / Instagram

Cell phone


Prospecting Tools

Listing alerts with potential buyers

Transaction processing app

iOS Devices

Automating client updates

Drone photography


“in the end, Excel just isn't a CRM system. Agents are at risk by not bringing their business operations into the future.”

In the evolution of any industry, there is a segment of technology adopters that struggles with new tech simply because it’s new, and not what they are familiar with.

The software, strategy, and technology being introduced to Real Estate are met with no dissimilar attitude. It’s happening fast. It can overbearing. And for many, it’s confusing. Real Estate deals have never been done this way.

Unfortunately, there are no valid excuses to be late to this party.

“The realtor who fails to adopt the tech required to exceed the expectations of the next generation of clientele will undoubtedly suffer.” – Alf

If you’d like to learn more about partnering with LuxeSf or joining/participating in the Boot Camps, events and marketing opportunities. Visit: to get started.



Ranked #1 As The Most Effective Tech Realtors Should Adopt