The Official Release of Disclosures.IO Generation 2

June 17th 2019: This week we are excited to announce the launch of Generation 2, the newest version of

We’ve synthesized the feedback that our +65,000 users have sent, into a major release, chock-full of enhancements, Generation 2 is a powerhouse of every feature that you’ve come to know and love plus a ton of new functionality. is the fastest, easiest way to prepare disclosures for your listing, track activity and manage the offers process.

Generation 2

Everything from the colors that we use on the site to major new features have been thought through and tested with our dedicated group of beta users (thank you!). The updates that have been made can be grouped into a few categories:


You’ll notice that we’ve updated the look and feel so that every interaction is consistent across the app. We know that sharing your disclosure packages is one of the most critical actions that you do in, now no matter where you share from, you have the same fast experience.

Document Editing

There are now two ways to add a stamp a document. You can now stamp any page of one document or you can quickly stamp the first page of multiple documents with an auto-page counter (see more here). Just in case you scanned a document in upside down, we’ve enabled the ability to rotate docs. And for times when there’s private information in your disclosures, like social security numbers or bank account info, you can now redact information.


One of our most highly requested features has been templates! Templates are a major timesaver for Agents, TCs and Assistants. In Generation 2, you can now save multiple templates for the instructions section of your coversheet, that way if you use multiple escrow officers, you can have a coversheet for each one. We also added templates for your messages, so when you invite someone to a disclosure package, you can create a template that captures your personal brand. Fast, easy, personal!

Photos and Property Info

We consistently heard from buyers and their agents that they wanted more info about the home. “What’s the asking price?”, “Where can I see photos?”, “When was it built?” are the types of questions that we received. Now in Generation 2, you can add as many photos as you want for each property and you can provide listing price, bed and bath count, year built and square footage.

We hope that you enjoy these new improvements and they help you get to offer accepted sooner. To help you get acquainted with the updates, we are hosting live webinars every Monday and Thursday at 11:00 am Pacific (sign up here).

What’s next?

We have some big, exciting announcements coming out in the next few months. If you want to be the first to hear the updates, make sure to subscribe to our monthly newsletter.


The fastest, easiest way to prepare disclosures, track activity and manage offers.