Every listing should go through a pre-market phase! How to sell higher, faster.

Coming Soon Disclosures.io

Whether a property is destined for a private sale or an agent is creating buzz around a soon-to-be on-market listing, the Coming Soon search filter popping up on every search engine is proving to be a serious tool for marketing new listings.

As this phenomenon of pre-market marketing evolves, a seller’s best interest is to expose their listing to as many agents in the area as possible.

The reality today is that there is no central place for agents to find Coming Soon listings. Very few MLSs have the ability to post Coming Soon, which means that few MLSs syndicate pre-market information to RE search engines like Zillow.

Sure, there is the Top Agent Network, but only a small pool of agents can access it. There is always Compass, but only Compass agents can access it.

A new feature from Disclosures.io, Coming Soon, allows Real Estate Agents to share their pre-market listings to a network of cooperating agents, with active buyers, while maintaining complete control of the information made available to potential buyer parties.

So what is the trick? - That’s right, post your listing to an agent network — A place for active agents to share pre-market activity.

Coming Soon from Disclosures.iO

A major advancement for cooperating agents

  • The Listing Agent creates the listing info packet.

  • Listing Agents are in control of who can access and view the full details of their listing.

  • Coming Soon listings are never syndicated.

Why is this so different?

Most platforms that offer a coming soon forum have a few things in common:

1) They pull from the MLS - (Awkward timing in agent workflow).

2) The listings are posted publicly - (Too many look-i-Lou’s).

3) They only post listings from their brokerage inventory - (What about the rest of us?).

Disclosures.io Coming Soon, Comparatively:

1) All Coming Soon listings are easily set up by the Listing Agent when they are ready.

2) Disclosures.io is a network of active agents.

3) Disclosures.io Coming Soon is open to all Real Estate Agents with a Pro Membership.

“Our users made it clear, agents want an easier way to share and discover Coming Soon properties.

“a seller’s best interest is to expose their listing to as many agents in the area as possible.

Disclosures.io is for all agents, regardless of their brokerage or affiliation.” - b.Sloss

Some agents are in exclusive groups that share pre-market information. Others may work with a brokerage that requires them to share upcoming listings internally. What about the massive group of great agents who don’t have access to pre-market activity?

The future, as we see it, is that a seller’s best interest is to expose their listing to as many agents in the area as possible. Coming Soon on Disclosures.io is for all agents, regardless of their brokerage or affiliation.” - Brian Sloss - Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, Disclosures.io


Listing Agents In Control

When designing Coming Soon, we made sure that Listing Agents maintain full control over their listings. They choose when to post their listings as Coming Soon and when to take them off. If another agent requests access to a Coming Soon listing, it’s up to the Listing Agent to decide if they want to grant access or not.

Never Syndicated

Coming Soon listings aren’t syndicated anywhere outside of Disclosures.io. It’s your listing, and we aren’t going to leverage your hard work to benefit others. Our goal is to help you sell properties as quickly as possible and for the best price.

A Network of Active Agents

The feedback thus far has been overwhelmingly positive, as we’ve helped to match Listing Agents with Buyer Agents who have interested clients.

How to Get Started

Listing Agents

If you have a listing coming up and want to post it as Coming Soon on Disclosures.io, simply login or create an account then create your first listing. It’s intuitive and simple. You’ll have your coming soon listing up in 2 ½ minutes.

Buyer Agents

If you’re working with buyers in the Bay Area, you can set up saved searches based on your clients’ criteria in Coming Soon on Disclosures.io. This will send you an email notification as Coming Soon listings are added.

We’re focused on helping agents be as successful as possible and we believe that Coming Soon on Disclosures.io is a major step in that direction.


From coming soon to offer-accepted. Sell faster for the highest price.