Submit, receive, review, negotiate, decline & accept offers - in one place.

The latest and greatest from, Offers gets a major update!

The new feature in the Offers tool is “Respond”. Respond, allows you to continue on in the offer process with the added capabilities to: message, decline, and accept offers without leaving

At the most critical moment in the transaction, makes it easy to manage offers from start to finish.

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How does it work? (if you’re new to read this first)

After you share your property packet, interested buyer agents can submit an offer to you directly through the property packet. You’ll receive a notification as soon as a new offer is submitted and they’ll get a confirmation once their offer is viewed.

After sitting down with your seller to review the offer terms side-by-side, the next step is to respond. (By the way, makes this super easy. You don't need to dig through attachments in emails to pull out the terms and put them into a spreadsheet. Everything is in one place, side-by-side, easy to read, easy to export.)

Here’s where the new features kick in makes responding to offers easy. Look for the “Respond to Offer” button, now located on each offer within the Offers tab in your package.

New Feature, Respond


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Communicate, counter or negotiate with any of the agents that submitted an offer.

The message goes to their email, they can reply directly to it.



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When you and your client have decided on the offer you’ll be accepting, simply click “Respond to Offer” - then navigate to the “Accept Offer” selection



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After you click “next step” you’ll be directed to a page that will enable you to directly message all unaccepted offers with a quick and kind “Offer Declined” email.

*Note: Once you’ve declined all other offers, those agents and their clients will lose access to the property information packet.

**Note: You are not required to send an offer-declined message.

Respond by Disclosures.iO is just the latest!

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Thousands of agents use to manage offers because it creates a dashboard that makes comparing the terms easy. The new respond feature helps listing agents finish out the process and ultimately remove access to the disclosures docs, at just the right moment, for the right people.

From pre-market to offer-accepted, helps you sell homes, faster.

Ready to dive in? Learn more in the full tutorial for Respond by Disclosures.IO 

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