A likely meeting place for philanthropy and real estate, the home.

(Disclosures.IO has no formal affiliation with the Home for a Home Organization. We do however think they are an amazing group of people. We believe they have a seriously meaningful passion and mission. Pretty soon, you'll know that too.)

Mark this day in your calendar. It's the day you found out about a smart, really simple, really good idea that is going to change lives. Home for a Home, is a group of real estate professionals who have built a meeting place for philanthropy and real estate right where it should be, inside the home.

The social-business non-profit, Home for a Home, enables each participant in a real estate transaction to give back to a community who could use the help. Their community enriching projects are funded by the generous realtors who pledge a portion of the commission from every sale to the organization.

Home for a Home's first impact location since 2012 has been Guatemala, where they assist in the effort to build earthquake safe, secure, and sanitary homes; in communities where the infrastructure of adequate housing, general sanitation, and/or water systems isn’t available.

The recipe requires people


Home for a Homes’ donating members can be any individual who has just completed a real estate transaction. Everyone involved: buyers, and sellers, and realtors. All you have to do is commit!

For realtors, here's how it works:
With every home they sell, participating realtors pledge a portion of their commission to the Home for a Home organization.

Buyers and sellers:
Provide their support by choosing representation that actively participates in the Home for a Home membership program.

The dish serves many

Home for a Home's organization has helped build over 220 homes in Guatemala, launch an emergency relief effort for victims of the 2018 Fuego Volcanic eruption, and supported community beautification projects in a growing number of neighborhoods.

The model is simple, but the reasons are complicated


When you're getting ready to buy the home of your dreams, you can help someone else build theirs. Home for a Home provides real solutions for Guatemalan families that, well, really need them.


A start-up non-profit organization has to decide how to best use their time, resources, and financial-support. The effects of inadequate housing span both long and short term.

Health-related: Access to sanitation supplies and practices will help reduce illness and lower the mortality rate.

Wealth related: Access to acceptable home security (doors that can lock), will help a family to be more comfortable leaving their valuables at home while they are out earning income to support the family or getting an education.

An improved standard of living should incorporate both physical and mental stability.
Home for a Home’s mission is to “build homes for people in need, because everybody needs the security of a home.”

They do a great job of bringing people together on both sides of the organization.

Each year, in San Francisco, Home for a Home brings together hundreds of real estate professionals to eat and dance and give back at its (now 5th annual) Fundraiser and Celebration Dinner.

In Guatemala, Home for a Home brings together communities by helping the families within them have their own place to eat, and dance, and grow!

Hard work pays off

If you missed that sentence just above we'll ring the kudos bell again for you... 5 years! A duo of 2 has grown into a group of 120+ members, who, in the last five years, have more than doubled the number of homes and communities of which they can contribute to improve.

They have a saying in Real Estate, "realtors do what they do best, sell homes." Home for a Home members position their better talents to give back, and that's an admirable thing. After five years, the organization tout's real credibility as a trustworthy non-profit, a functional operation, and a mission possible.

Get involved! You don't have to be in real estate

If you're buying or selling a home, here is a list of their members, maybe you can see if your realtor is on it. Perhaps you can ask them to be?

You can donate! Home for a Home is a fully accredited and approved non-profit that will accept every penny or second of support you can afford. Learn more about how they operate and how to donate your time and financial assistance here: https://www.homeforahome.org/get-involved

You can go to the 5th Annual Home for a Home Fundraiser and Celebration Dinner, September 5th 7-10pm at SOMArts. All proceeds will support the Home for a Home Organization. There are, in fact, corporate sponsorship opportunities if you're interested!

See you there!

Some great pics of the beautiful people at previous Celebration Dinners and in Guatemala new home construction sites.

Learn more at Homeforahome.org

And follow their amazing journey wherever you like to scroll up best!