🎧 New Podcast! Episode 1: Brian Sloss and Wendy Moore ~ A Monday Morning Fireside-chat.

If you missed the BHHS Drysdale + Disclosures.IO Fireside Webinar this week, we made it easy for you to re-watch or listen to the recorded event.

Our guest, BHHS Drysdale's Wendy Moore, is known to bring the good energy and she delivered!

Episode 1: Join BHHS Drysdale's Wendy Moore and Co-founder of Disclosures.IO, Brian Sloss for a live fireside-chat/webinar.

This Episode Covers:

  • How to get more non-contingent offers.

  • More efficient transactions with Disclosures.IO.

  • Why pre-sale inspections, upfront, will help you sell more homes this year.

Watch / listen here:

🎧  Listen: Wendy Moore + Brian Sloss Fireside

πŸŽ₯ Watch:

We're ecstatic about the BHHS Drysdale partnership. If you’d like to learn more about how your team or brokerage can partner with Disclosures.io contact us here


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