On working smart, and hard: There are no secrets driving the business of top-performing agents.

The a common theme: “Focus on the fundamentals: client relationships and business efficiency”.

There are new standards and requirements for clients, meet them:

Ease of use.

In Other Words...

Get the deal done faster
Reduce the fear of a bad outcome.
Make it easy to complete a sale.

There are no tips or tricks here. Agents who are diligently committed to working as hard as they do smart will win the race.

There are no shortcuts

↓ Wendy Moore, a Team Leader who hangs her license with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Drysdale Properties and has been focused on the fundamentals for 15 years. It is a marathon.

Wendy  Moore     Realtor



Christine Geddes-Sinclaire  Realtor

Christine Geddes-Sinclaire

Tari  Peckham  Transaction Coordinator

Transaction Coordinator

Emily Schwartz   Client Relations

Emily Schwartz
Client Relations

Rachel  Brown  Operations


Chelsea Lingenfelter  Marketing

Chelsea Lingenfelter

Like many teams in real estate, she built a well-oiled team. Each member of her team is specialized and able to focus on what they do best. This allows them to provide impeccable service to their clients individually, while supporting a much larger client base than an unspecialized team.

It’s not just that Wendy has built a specialized team, she’s put the spotlight of efficiency in her listing process which benefits her clients (sellers) by ensuring that the buyer parties experience a clean negotiation process and fast close.

No secrets

  • Deals move faster with transparency.

  • Consolidate your workflow with tech that reduces the steps required for an outcome.

  • Track due diligence.

  • Close non-contingent deals.

Just follow through

Share disclosures / pre-sale inspections, upfront.
The idea is to provide as much information about the listing upfront to interested buyer parties, before they make an offer.

Informed buyers make better offers when they are confident. With a true understanding of the listing, they are less likely to seek credits back once in-contract.

Removing the back-and-forth is key to Wendy’s process and how she has reduced escrow periods by 40%.

“As soon as I send Tari, our TC, a disclosure, I’m able to see that it’s been added to the property package.

With a single click, I can notify all interested parties that an update has been made.”
-Wendy Moore

Use one platform. Re-assess the old tech you’re using.
Sharing property information with multiple people can be daunting. It usually involves many PDFs with many different recipients.

To manage the complexity, Wendy’s team uses Disclosures.IO on every transaction. Disclosures.IO allows them to stay in sync. Making sure that every buyer party has the latest information is critical because it removes costly surprises down the line.

Track due diligence = know who’s serious
With all buyer parties reviewing information on a single listing page, Wendy is able to track who is showing interest in the property with Disclosures.IO, which has an activity monitor that helps agents track diligence behavior in real-time. This is a major competitive advantage. Knowing who’s serious and who’s not is the insight that Sellers look for when working with experienced agents.

“If I receive an offer and know that the agent and their buyers haven’t reviewed the property disclosures, I know that they aren’t as serious as the parties that have gone through all of the disclosure information.”
- WM

Drive the listing
Wendy sets clear expectations with each interested buyer agent: “Create a clear and concise instructional on the coversheet of the property information packet for every listing. Outline how you and the sellers want to receive offers, the documents that are expected, and the requirement to read the property disclosures. That is one thing I love about the Disclosures.IO cover sheet feature: It will help you ensure that each interested party knows exactly what to bring to the table, in the event of an offer.”

Concise cover sheets enable Wendy’s team to review all offers on a single platform and move quickly to accept an offer.

In fact, with this method, Wendy touts to have reduced the average time in escrow from 30 days to 17days.

It’s Going national

The practice of sharing disclosures upfront originated in California’s Bay Area with Malin Giddings. Malin built a $4 Billion portfolio using this strategy. No biggy.

In virtually all regions of California, Texas, Massachusetts, Florida, the list goes on… inventory is in demand. Agents with well-informed buyers are better equipped to position their offers to get accepted.

There are no secrets driving the business of top-performing agents, it’s a dedication to client care and business efficiency. At Disclosures.IO, we are 100% focused on helping agents do just.

If you are new to the disclosures-upfront movement, we’d encourage you to take a look at our getting started guide, how to leverage disclosures for a faster close.

We sat down with Wendy Moore just the other day for a great fireside chat. Watch that HERE.


Pre-market to offer-accepted, faster.