“Be the change you want to see in your industry” - Dave Silva

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The gentleman with the big smile is, Dave Silva. Dave has an ambitious goal for 2019; he plans on doubling his transactions from 38 to 75. Some might approach this challenge by scaling their team, adding Inside Sales Associates and Buyer’s Agents, but not Dave.

Dave Silva, a Team Leader at RE/MAX Gold in Rocklin CA is laser-focused on efficiency.

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Before he was a Realtor, Dave was in construction. As his career in Real Estate gained momentum, Dave quickly realized a potential to refine the sales process by applying the organizational focus that he had become accustomed to in construction. With ambitious goals to grow his business, Dave's first move was to build a team structure around specialization. He applied a strategy not unlike that of well practiced sports team. Dave explains, “It sounds simple enough, but assign each individual role a responsibility that they are expected to master. As the broker/agent you have your own set of skills to hone that ensure smooth, timely, and lucrative transactions. You need to hire people that you trust to manage the responsibilities that you are less skilled at, so that you can focus on the deal.”

He compares this approach to other professions like dentistry. “When you go to the dentist, the receptionist greets you, the hygienist cleans your teeth, and you schedule your next appointment on your way out. When each employee focuses on their core competency, the whole system runs more efficiently."

Dave’s team Today:

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  • An Inside Sales Associate who is focuses on optimizing their lead conversion funnel.

  • An Assistant who makes sure the trains leave on time.

  • A TC who keeps the transactions compliant.

  • And Dave, who helps his clients to navigate the roller coaster that is Real Estate.

Reduce Friction by Selling Homes with Integrity.

After settling on a team structure, the next challenge was to smooth out the transaction process. As you may very well know, the subsequent negotiation periods after accepting an offer can add days or even weeks to a final deal. To remedy this, Dave utilizes a strategy gaining momentum among agents chanting the time is money mantra: Disclosures Upfront.

Dave Explains:

“Sharing inspections and disclosures with buyers after they submit an offer will open the sale up to unnecessary negotiations. In the past, my clients and I could wait, sometimes weeks, for confirmation of the deal. As buyer demand grew from the Bay Area into Sacramento, I had more and more buyers requesting an opportunity to review disclosures up front. These buyers more times than not, write offers that don't require additional negotiation. It didn't take but a few of these instances to encourage our operational shift. My Transaction Coordinator tipped me off about a software called Disclosures.io, which is designed to eliminate secondary negotiations, and we've been running on this strategy ever since."

When Money Talks, Listen.

Disclosures.io helps Dave set a standard for both his clients and potential buyers. It is now a requirement that every potential buyer must review the disclosure packet before making an offer on any house Dave represents. "This simple change to disclosures up front eliminates surprises in escrow; buyers are making educated offers and sellers know what to expect. When everything is disclosed upfront the negotiations start and end when we accept the offer”. - Dave Silva

A Track Record Speaking for Itself

This year, Dave and his team set an annual performance goal to double their transaction volume. Their strategy included subtle but significant changes that prioritized time-saving initiatives. Dave: “We felt strongly that if we could eliminate post-offer negotiations, we could free up time to find more business. It turns out we were right.”

Dave placed his bet on Disclosoures.io and a few months into 2019 he’s well on his way to having a breakout year!

Connect With Dave Silva:
With extensive knowledge of the communities located throughout Placer County, CA and a committed work ethic, Dave has risen to the top two percent of realtors in his region.
Learn more about Dave and his team Here: BestHomesandEstates.com

Disclosures.iO is designed to eliminate secondary negotiations

It’s simple really: Everything is upfront, in one place, from on-market to the signing-table.