Disclosures.io releases an iOS app for cooperating agents.

Introducing the Disclosures.io IOS app for real estate agents. We’ve been waiting a long time to share this one with you!

Disclosures.io is an industry-approved (free) software that helps cooperating agents share listing information and manage offers, in one place.

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Educated sellers are happy clients and educated buyers make better offers.

The escrow period is 40% faster in markets where the common practice is to provide pre-offer disclosures to buyers before they make an offer. With Disclsoures.io, cooperating agents take control of the escrow period.

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"The iOS app opens up the potential for our product to advance with the modern real estate agent, who is utilizing technology to refine their strategy and enhance the client experience.

Our app improves the way cooperating agents work with each other to complete the transaction." - Adam Gothelf CEO Disclosures.io


A seamless mobile experience for agents.

Whether you are on the go, looking at property, or taking clients out, you can share Property Info Packets with one click.

Disclosures.io iOS users are now able to share packages while on-the-go and receive push notifications every time there is packet activity or they receive a new offer. If you’ve ever had to text, email, call or drive to find out if your offer was received or seen, you understand how useful this simple feature is going to be for the collaborating agent workflow.

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