Disclosures.IO Ranked as The Most Effective Tech Realtors Should Adopt

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Disclosures.io is ranked as the #1 Most Effective New Technology for Realtors, by the respondents of a survey sent to over 8000 members of LuxeSF.com.

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The survey featured a write-in question of which Disclosures.io was ranked First as the most effective technology for realtors to adopt. Disclosures.io is also mentioned as one of the most useful tools a brokerage can provide for its agents.

Bay Area Realtors, we accept the accolades. Thank You!

The 5 in 3 Realtor Survey is produced by LuxeSF. You probably know LuxeSF for their work with San Francisco Magazine and Real Trends to produce The Leading 100, the list that recognizes and ranks the top producers in Bay Area Real Estate.

The 5 in 3 Realtor Survey is a gauge on the current pulse and opinion of the realtor community. The findings are published in the Bay Area Real Estate Monitor Report that debuts each year at the LuxeSF Annual Boot Camp.

Recently, we spoke with LuxeSF’s Founder and Chairman, Alf Nucifora, about the benefits and hardships that realtors experience as they work to understand, and adopt the evolving technology required to exceed the expectations of a new generation of clientele.

The Results: LuxeSF’s 5-in-3 Realtor Survey

Q: What new technology(ies) are you finding most effective in your practice? List all that apply:

Disclosures.IO: 19%

Compass marketing tools: 7%

DocuSign : 6%

Glide: 5%

Skyslope: 5%

Contactually: 4%

My Theo: 4%

BombBomb/ Video email app: 3%

Homesnap Pro: 3%

Instagram/Later: 3%

RealScout: 3%

Google Docs: 2%

iCloud/Cloud data storage: 2%

Zipforms: 2%

The Rest: 14% — Active Pipe, Boost, Data Pro, DropBox, Facetime, Home Spotter, kvCore/CRM, LandGlide, LinkedIn, OpCity, Realtor.com, Realvolve, Slydial, Winforms, Wordpress, Wunderlist   

Generic Tools Mentioned: 20% — CRM systems, Social media, Online ads, Facebook/Instagram, Cell phone, Calendar, Prospecting tools, Listing alerts with potential buyers, Custom market reports, Transaction processing app, IOS devices, Automated listing marketing services, Automatic lead follow-up services, Automatic client updates, Drone photography, Videos

Q: If you do use technology tools provided by your brokerage, which three are most valuable?

RealScout: 40%

Skyslope: 40%

Agent Website: 35%

Moxi Present: 30%

Office360: 30%

Compass Marketing Tools: 11%

Disclosures.IO: 11%

Moxi Engage: 10%

Contactually: 6%

My Theo: 6%

The Rest 10% — Reach150, Moxi CMA, FB ads, SAvi, DataPro, RealScout, BackAgent, SkySlope, Active Pipe, Client 4 Life. Proprietary Platforms, Open Homes Photography, Glide

Q: Do you use current technology solutions provided by your brokerage?

Yes: 86% No: 14%

Q: What is your "go to" phone app for searching properties when out in the field?

My Theo: 23%

Various MLS platforms: 14%

HomeSnap: 12%

Compass Search: 11%


Redfin: 6%

Proprietary App: 6%

Google: 5%

Realtor.com: 5%

RPR: 5%

The Rest: 6% — Rapattoni, Landglide, HomeSpotter, Reil.com

Q: Do you use (consistently and faithfully) a CRM system to manage client and prospect activity and follow up?

YES: 49% NO: 51%

The 5 in 3 Realtor Survey helps to gauge the current pulse and opinion of the realtor community in the Bay Area. Since our whole country has a Real Estate industry, we’d love you learn more about what you’re using to crush your 2019 goals.

What are your life-changing, go-to, or highly recommended technologies to adopt?

Answers in the comments.

- Mahalo

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