The Simple Tool Bay Area Brokers Use to See All Disclosure Activity by Zip Code

What separates a Top Agent from the rest? 

They know the market better than anyone else!

Bay Area Brokers, Sales Managers, and their Agents use this simple tool to secure more listings: Hyperlocal Market Insights (HMI) by

HMI goes a step further than the broad market trends that Trulia and Inman publish. Hyperlocal Market Insights focus on near real-time disclosure behavior in any given market. This type of insight gives Bay Area Real Estate agents an edge when making offers and acquiring listings.

Listing Agents use HMI to better understand the health of the marketplace. Knowledge is always power. Buyers Agents use HMI to guide their clients to make more competitive offers.

With HMI, Bay Area agents are able to position their Buyers to make the best offer but are also able to secure listings with a greater rapport because they have deep insights into the market.

  • See which areas are heating up or cooling down.

  • Build your marketing strategy with real data around disclosures.

  • Know what price to set and when to launch it on the market.


With HMI, when you walk into your Weekly Sales Meeting, you'll have the insight of thousands of local disclosure packages at your disposal.

  • You'll know how much genuine interest there is in each market that you operate.

  • Know more about the disclosure activity in the whole market.

  • Make strategic decisions on where to place priority for current and future listings. broker dashboard

Would you like your Brokerage to have access to this data? It takes only minutes to set you up, and we're offering the complete version for free for the next 30 days.

Have your Managing Broker or Sales Manager reach out to us and you'll have the HMI Dashboard in no time.   Contact Broker Success Team